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White Queens Mace


Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Community Rating: Item Rating: 2 votes, 4.50 average.


I love the story of Alice in Wonderland. Book, movie, or cartoon It doesn’t matter. I have a several items from both Syfy’s reimagining miniseries of Alice, as well as the most recent of the Alice films “Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.” I have just picked up The White Queen’s (Anne Hathaway) Mace. This mace was filmed but hit the cutting room floor as it was never seen in the final cut. I heard a while ago, so the info may not be valid any more, that there was an extended cut planned and the scene would be put back in. Who knows when or if that will happen? A mace of this style could also be seen on the Alice prop tour and well as the D23 show. The top image is a picture that was taken at D23. I am just happy to be the proud new caretaker of this prop!

Added: 06-13-2012 - Viewed: 2722 times.

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Tim Sykes

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