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All Items THX 1138 (1971) THX 1138 promotional poster

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Promotional poster



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This is an ultra-rare 25" x 39" promotional poster screenprinted on silver foil (Mylar) paper-backed stock and featuring one of the THX 1138 iconic security robots (also known as "security drones").

These promotional posters were sold to theatre owners (3rd image) to help promote the film when it was originally released in 1971, like at the Loews Theatre in L.A. (4th image) where prototypes of this poster can be seen in an image featured in the original THX 1138 pressbook.

The iconic face of the security robot was also on the 1971 pressbook cover (2nd image), the film poster and lobby cards, etc...More than 30 years later it was re-used as part of the viral ad campaign launched for the release of the director's cut DVD in 2004. (5th image)

The poster is HUGE and in overall excellent condition.

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Last updated: 12-31-2012

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