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All Items Stargate SG-1 (TV) (1997) SG-1 HERO F-302 Mission Binder

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SG-1 HERO F-302 Mission Binder



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Category: Movie Prop
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"These binders were received from the studio identified as being used in the Seventh Season episodes 'Fallen & Homecoming'. The blue, three ringed binder, has a colourful 'F-302' logo on the front and contained within the book is a SGC logo title page that reads 'Operation Blue Phoenix F-302' and a variety of other interesting documents and images, all pertaining to the aforementioned aircraft. This binder can also be seen on screen in the Season Seven episode, 'Fragile Balance'. In this episode all the flight 'jocks' are seen reviewing the contents of the binder while waiting for Jack to debrief them."

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