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All Items Jaws (1975) Set of Teeth utilised on mechanical 'Bruce' shark

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Set of Teeth utilised on mechanical 'Bruce' shark



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Category: Movie Prop
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This is a set of teeth used on 1 of the 3 mechanical Great White shark's seen in director, Steven Spielbergs' classic 1975 chiller, JAWS.
Referred to by many as the movie which single-handedly brought the term 'Summer Blockbuster' to the furore of cinema release, JAWS also brought the name of the then 27 year old director to every household and set the scene for what would be an incredible career.
Created by effects guru, Bob Mattey, the 25 foot long Great White was known as 'BRUCE' (named after Spielbergs lawyer, Bruce M. Ramer, and presented the crew with weeks of filming delays and problems.... all of which made the director think outside of the box and portray the sharks presence in other ways, hence the yellow barrels! Genius.
the teeth show signs of use and age. individually numbered via a carving, this is a piece which is one of the most talked-about when people view my collection and as such, is one of my 'Grail' pieces.

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