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All Items Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011) Screen-Used Gingerdead Man 3 Stunt Puppet

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Screen-Used Gingerdead Man 3 Stunt Puppet



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Category: Movie Prop
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Almost any collector or fan of what used to be called “Drive-In Movies”, but now is just known as “cult classics”, knows the name Charles Band. His Full Moon Productions have made over 100 movies to date. Band himself has produced over 250 movies, and there is no sign of his ever slowing up! His is both controversial and some even say “notorious”, for using every method imaginable (and some that only Charles Band could come up with), to get his movies made for some of the lowest budgets possible while still creating cool special effects (his budgets are one of his most closely guarded secrets in the industry). Virtually all his films turn a profit, and then make even more money in merchandising. Perhaps best known for his extremely successful “Puppet Master” series, he now has a new franchise going with his “Gingerdead Man” movies. They have to do with a killer gingerbread man cookie (yes, really). Originally starring the equally controversial Gary Busey, Band’s series has moved on to “higher ground” with “Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver” (2011). Like most of his films, these are not to be taken seriously (Gingerdead Man 2 made in 2008 was subtitled: “Passion of the Crust”, so you get the idea) as one would something like the “Friday the 13th” or “Halloween” series. Band loves to parody other movies. In this one, the movie starts with a “Silence of the Lambs” motif with Gingerdead Man (the voice of William Butler, who directed and co-wrote this, and also wrote the original story that started the series)) locked up like Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), complete with mask, being visited in a maximum security “prison” by their version of Clarice (Jody Foster), called “Clarissa” here (Laura Kachergus), southern accent and all. The Gingerdead Man is set free by PETA type activists (the prison is filled with killer pastry, which the activists think are horrible to be locked up), and the killer cookie ends up finding a time machine in another room (of course most maximum prisons have them these days), that takes him back to the 1970’s, and to a Roller Disco hall. The effects for the psycho dessert was done by Jeffrey Farley (with over 80 movies to his credit). To create the Gingerdead Man, many different effects dolls were used. Some are speaking dolls with the mechanical eyes, mouth and teeth, and others are stunt dolls, that are created to give the Gingerdead Man all kinds of action, including his slashing and mashing and electrocuting of innocent roller boggie kids. This is a screen used full size Gingerdead Man stunt puppet created for various movements. You can see the inputs in the back of the doll to activate arms and legs and screws that were most likely used for filament induced movements. It comes with an overlay face piece perhaps used both for long shots, and for reference for facial visualization CGI effects. (Approx 17x6x4”).


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