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Screen-Used Alien Costume



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Category: Wardrobe
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These Extra Terrestrial costumes were worn on screen by the 6 and 7 year old girls that Steven Spielberg hired to play the extra terrestrials who can be seen at the climax of the movie. This particular suit was used by Danyi Deats, daughter of Oscar winner Dick Deats who was the Key Grip in the movie. Danyi spent so much time on the set Spielberg thought she had the perfect shape to play one of the aliens and casted the other girls on Danyi's example. Spielberg thought that girls looked more elegant and gracefull than boys to match the idea of how the E.T's should look like. The other girls were hired from Mobile, Alabama local dancing- and balletschools and every one of them had their own designed costume with masks individually made to fit perfectly over the heads of each girl. (The scenes from the landing of the mothership were filmed in a huge hangar in Mobile). The E.T suits were disigned by production designer Joe Alves and manufactured by the Burman Studio. The suit is made of a seamless skintight four-way stretch material with rubber soles under the feet. The masks and hands are made of latex with velcron on the back of the masks to close it tight around the heads of the girls. The eyes were then painted with the pupils cut out to make it possible for the girls to see through. (note. Although the masks were made from molds of the girls heads, some were not able to see through the eyes. They later on cut out the nostrills so they could see through that. This is one of those masks).

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