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All Items Star Trek: Phase 2 (TV) (1977) Rare blueprints of the Enterprise and Galileo 9 Shuttlecraft

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Rare blueprints of the Enterprise and Galileo 9 Shuttlecraft



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This is a set of production-used blueprints and drawings I purchased privately in 2002, which would be used for Star Trek: Phase II. The two smaller ones show a top and a port view of the Enterprise. The larger one shows a section of the Galileo 9 Shuttlecraft. It may be interesting to note that the Enterprise designation on the blueprint is NCC 1701-9.

The "Galileo 9" shuttlecraft from the aborted Phase II series represented quite a departure from all previous ships seen in Star Trek because it was the first ship not actually designed by Matt Jefferies. It was designed by Star Trek Phase II Art Director Joe Jennings. (Jefferies who was busy full time working on Little House on the Prairie and could only serve on the Phase II team in the limited capacity of "technical advisor" disliked the original "butterdish" design of the original shuttlecraft and advised Joe Jennings to redesign it.) It's actually Joe's name you see in the legend as the designer/artist on the various blueprint drawings that appear in the Star Trek Phase II: The Lost Series book, and on my shuttlecraft blueprint.

Below, two pages from the book, showing the Enterprise designs (the same we can find in the blueprints) and the painted concept for the shuttlecraft.

Images were cropped, in order to avoid showing the white (and uninteresting) part of the sheets. Give the condition, size and quality of the blueprint copies, I have no doubts that these were copied from the originals and might well have been production-used.

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