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All Items Big Trouble in Little China (1986) Rain's signature straw hat

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Rain's signature straw hat



Item Details

Category: Wardrobe
Screenmatched: Yes
Celebrity: Peter Kwong

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This is the signature oversized hand woven straw hat was worn by the character “Rain”, portrayed by actor Peter Kwong in John Carpenter’s 1986 cult classic Big Trouble In Little China. He wore this exaggerated version of a traditional Chinese style hat in multiple scenes throughout the film, along with “Thunder” and “Lightning” (portrayed by Carter Wong and James Pax respectively), with them making up The Three Storms. The hat measures approximately 30 inches in diameter by 14 inches tall and has the original black stretch fabric cap with Velcro neck closure attached to the inside crown to keep the hat in place, and attached brown cloth strips with fixed knots used as chinstraps as seen in the film.

This particular hat screen-matches to the first time Rain is introduced, with the rival gangs fighting in the alleyway. I purchased this from The Golden Closet.

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