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Prototype Facehugger



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Category: Movie Prop
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Welcome to my prop collection.

If you have original props, wardrobe or production material from ALIEN, INDIANA JONES OR STAR WARS OT you might be interested in selling or even trade, feel free to drop me an email! showtrooperprops@gmail.com

A prototype facehugger from the production of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror Alien. After the mining vessel Nostromo received a distress call, her crew discovered mysterious eggs in the bowels of a crashed alien vessel. When Kane (John Hurt) moved too close to one of the eggs, a creature burst out of it and attached itself to his face. Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt) and navigator Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) brought him aboard the Nostromo, placing the rest of the crew in danger.

The facehugger was originally designed by Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger, who was responsible for creating the entire Alien aesthetic. However, Giger's initial design was altered considerably. He first envisioned it as a larger creature that wrapped around the outside of Kane's helmet. Director Scott redesigned it in collaboration with writer Dan O'Bannon, special effects artist Roger Dicken, and concept artist Ron Cobb.

The prototype facehugger features a cast plastic skeleton covered with latex skin. It is different to the one seen in the film, The skin has dried, cracked and come away in places, particularly on the body of the facehugger. It is mounted on a custom-made display.

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