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All Items Pandorum (2009) Payton's (Dennis Quaid) Costume

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Payton's (Dennis Quaid) Costume



Item Details

Category: Wardrobe
Screenmatched: Yes
Celebrity: Dennis Quaid

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A costume worn in the sci-fi thriller Pandorum. Waking up from suspended animation, two astronauts, Bower (Ben Foster) and Payton (Dennis Quaid) wake up with no memory of their mission or their destination. Realising their ship is running out of auxiliary power and that it’s overrun with cannibalistic humanoids, Bower sets off to jumpstart the reactor and try to save the remaining members of the Elysium’s crew.
This costume was worn by Payton (Dennis Quaid) as he slowly succumbs to the effects of Pandorum, sat alone in the bridge of the Elysium. The costume is comprised of a dark blue jumpsuit and a pair of boots that are unmarked and cannot be attributed to a character. The jumpsuit is covered in pockets and padding and features a range of insignia, with rank stripes at both shoulders and the collar, an Elysium badge on the left arm and the name tag “Payton” on the chest cast in rubber. Traces of fake blood can be found above the pocket on the right breast.

The costume has distinctive markings that match on screen.

COA: Prop Store of London

Added: 05-14-2016 - Viewed: 2843 times.

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