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All Items Incredible Shrinking Man, The (1957) Original Hand Drawn Storyboard

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Original Hand Drawn Storyboard



Item Details

One of a Kind: Yes
Celebrity: Grant Williams

Community Rating: Item Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.


While out on the ocean with his wife, Scott Carey's (Grant Williams) boat drifts through a strange mist that leave a metallic residue covering his body. He thinks nothing of it at the time but within a few weeks he begins to notice that he is losing weight. A visit to the doctor also confirms that he is getting shorter. As he gets smaller and smaller, doctors determine that his exposure to insecticides followed by what must have been a radioactive mist has caused a genetic mutation.

An original, hand-drawn illustrated storyboard, rendered by hand by Jack Arnold himself, the film director, executed in thick pencil on thick velum paper. Depicts the infamous "Spider-attack" sequence seen in the film also contain notations indicating how the special effects photography and camera angles would be handled.

There were 200 original storyboards pages created for the final production, this is the page #181.

Obtained directly from Universal Studio's in 1992. ScreenUsed COA.

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Last updated: 07-13-2021

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