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All Items Alien (1979) Nostromo Laser Pistol

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Nostromo Laser Pistol


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Category: Movie Prop
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Welcome to my prop collection.

If you have original props, wardrobe or production material from ALIEN, INDIANA JONES OR STAR WARS OT you might be interested in selling or even trade, feel free to drop me an email! showtrooperprops@gmail.com

Nostromo laser pistol from Ridley Scott’s Alien. This miniature version of the weapon was used by child standins for Dallas (Tom Skerritt,) Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) and Kane (John Hurt) during their exploration of the mysterious alien derelict.

Based on a Webley “Junior” .177 air pistol, the prop weapon has been dressed with two prop scopes to give it a sci-fi look. A steel bolt is attached to the muzzle to create the barrel. Rubber caps are attached near the pistol grip and on the scope at the top of the piece, which is welded to the receiver. The bottom scope is secured using a mounted wood block. The piece is finished in black with painted red rings applied to the barrel.

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