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All Items Game, The (1997) Nicholas Van Orton's Patek Philippe Hero Watch

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Nicholas Van Orton's Patek Philippe Hero Watch



Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Screenmatched: Yes
One of a Kind: Yes
Celebrity: Michael Douglas

Community Rating: Item Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.


Wealthy San Francisco financier Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) gets a strange birthday present from wayward brother Conrad (Sean Penn): a live-action game that consumes his life.

This is the wrist watch originally belonging to Nicholas Van Orton's father and gifted to his son by his mother at the 18th birthday, years after his father committed suicide at the age of 48. Worn by Michael Douglas along the whole movie.

A rare original art-deco Patek Philippe rectangular gold watch circa 1934 retailed by Tiffany & Co. Due to the value and rarity only one original hero watch was purchased by the production. Some cheap watches with rectangular shapes were used to replace the hero watch when it could be ruined (ex. the car flooding scenes). Although the use of stunt watches, the hero watch was accidentally damaged (and fixed) at the begining of the production, by this reason some broken parts were replaced like the glass or the crown and others were repaired like the minute hand or the bracelet. These changes can be observed too in the movie between scenes. The watch retain its original condition as it ended the filming in 1997 and has not been worn, restored or cleaned.

The engraved back with: "ON YOUR 18th BIRTHDAY / YOUR FATHER'S WATCH / LOVE MOTHER", seen at the close-ups, can be screen matched with accuracy thanks to the micro scratches over the rear cover. At the correct angle all the original marks become visible.

Adquired directly from the prop master.

Added: 12-21-2015 - Viewed: 15165 times.
Last updated: 06-17-2021

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Great piece! I'm very happy to have played a roll in finding it a good home!
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Thanks Jason.
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