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Moloch's costume



Item Details

Category: Wardrobe
Screenmatched: Yes
Community Rating: Item Rating: 3 votes, 4.33 average.


This is one of two costumes made for "Moloch", a prisoner portrayed by François Hadji-Lazaro in Marc Caro solo film debut DANTE 01.

The costume consists of :

1 metallic "ear plug"
1 pair of yellow trousers
1 yellow jacket
1 green T-shirt (worn underneath the jacket)

A pair of yellow replica shoes identical to the ones made during production has been added to complete the display.

Each prisoner had a ear plug with a distinctive color. The color of the one presented here matches the color of Moloch's ear plug as seen on screen.

There's a lot of interesting details in this costume such as screen matched repairs on the left elbow, traces of blood on the collar and chest, etc... There's also a tag that reads "Moloch" on the pants and vest.
It's interesting to note that the yellow color of the costume was supposed to evoke the Buddhist monks robe, thus indicating the (hidden, at least at the beginning of the film) holiness of these prisoners.

This costume was acquired directly from a DANTE 01 production vet.

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Last updated: 10-16-2013

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