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All Items My Bloody Valentine (2009) The Miner's Screen-worn complete Hero Costume and Pick-Axe

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The Miner's Screen-worn complete Hero Costume and Pick-Axe



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Category: Wardrobe
Screenmatched: Yes
One of a Kind: Yes
Community Rating: Item Rating: 3 votes, 3.67 average.


Complete hero costume worn by Chris Carnel as "The Miner" throughout the film. Complete with "hero" screen-matched pick-axe. "hero" is written inside several pieces of the costume including on the stage tags included with the costume. A true hero piece. Unreal Detail! Several pieces to this costume are one-of-a-kinds making this the only screen-used complete miner costume from the film

The pick-axe was used throughout the film for close-ups and is made of a hard resin or fiberglass. The head of the pick-axe was broken off during filming (we re-attached it temporarily for the photo shoot without any permenant type of fixture). If you watch the behind the scenes, you can view the exact scene that the pick axe broke. It breaks during the scene where The Miner is going after Betsy Rue's character in the hotel room. She uses the bed frame to try and protect her against the wall. Chris Carnel (The Miner) repeatedly plunged the pick axe into the bed frame, taunting her. During one take, he did this at just the wrong angle and the head of the pick axe came flying off.

There are also two different hoses that attach to the mask. One with a silver ring and one with a black ring. The hose with the black ring is being photographed here, however, the silver ring and attachments are the "hero". The silver ring can be seen at the base of the mask throughout the film. This attachment was not native to the mask and therefore had to be apoxied into place. It came off during filming more times than Chris can remember. The black ring was used during stunts as it simply twisted onto the mask.

The gloves were obtained directly from the costumer of the film after I won the remainder of the items at the Premiere Props auction. Each lot was identified, won individually, and assembled.

There is also a muscle suit that is being worn under this costume as well, and is included with this costume. This is what made Chris Carnel look very imposing on camera, as he is not actually that large in real life.

All in all, this is a fantastic display character from the movie that re-started the 3D craze!

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Last updated: 12-09-2011

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