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All Items Blade Runner (1982) HUGE cityscape print

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HUGE cityscape print



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This is a vintage black and white high-resolution print of a production drawing by Mentor Huebner (1917-2001), production illustrator on Blade Runner.

The scene depicts an urban landscape of 2019 L.A.

Some iconic elements featured in the film are already there :

1- Flying cars, among them a "Spinner" at the center of image. The other flying cars look like the ones seen in some of Sherman Labby's storyboards, where they look very close to the cars featured in THE LONG TOMORROW, Dan O'Bannon and Moebius' short story first published in Metal Hurlant magazine (the french, original version of Heavy Metal) that was used as main inspiration by Ridley Scott in the early stages of development of Blade Runner.

2- Huge traffic jams at street level, also seen in some Syd Mead's production paintings.

3- Giant buildings made of pillars and superimposed terraces with an Art Deco vibe, rather close to what can be seen in various scenes of the film. (Deckard standing on his terrace or the final confrontation between Deckard and Batty)

4- Gorgeous light effects that can remind of similar effects seen in the film… For example, light reflections on walls when Deckard meets Rachael for the first time at Tyrell's office.

5- Stormy (or at least rainy) weather.

6- Overhanging the cityscape, a huge mega-structure similar to the ones seen in the matte painting done by Syd Mead for the Spinner flight sequence when Gaff escorts Deckard to the Police HQ.

7- There's even an element that was part of early versions of the script but was later deleted for budgetary reasons : A high speed train, visible in the background, just above the Spinner at the center of image. The illustration reminds a lot of the one, also from Mentor Huebner, featured on the cover of the BLADE RUNNER SKETCHBOOK released by Blue Dolphin Enterprises, inc in 1982. One illustration could be seen as the reverse angle of the other one, considering the same train and mega-structure can be seen in both images, but viewed from different angles.

The print is HUGE and in excellent condition.

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