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All Items Iron Man (2008) Hero Laser Guided Missle Head With Palladium Strip

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Hero Laser Guided Missle Head With Palladium Strip



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Category: Movie Prop
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This is a hero missile head and palladium strip from the 2008 Robert Downey Jr. superhero film Iron Man. The missile head and strip can be seen in the beginning of the film as Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is kidnapped by the terrorist group Ten Rings. While Stark and his fellow prisoner secretly build an arc reactor (powered by palladium) and armored suit to escape, the missile head can be seen on the table in their makeshift workshop.

The cylindrical missile head is made of metal with a slightly tinted glass dome over the top with several pieces visible inside. The bottom of the piece features a large circuit board with numerous electrical components attached. The palladium is made of thin silver metal and features three tiny square sections throughout the length of the strip. The strip is in excellent condition; the missile head features some scratching around the metal base due to production use but remains in good condition.

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