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All Items eXistenZ (1999) Hand-Drawn Biopod Concept Art

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Hand-Drawn Biopod Concept Art



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Hand-drawn biopod concept art from David Cronenberg's sci-fi film eXistenZ. A virtual reality video game designer must jump into her own creation in order to find out if the game is damaged. In the film, biopods connect to bioports at the base of the spine.

Created by artist Stephan Dupuis, these pieces are drawn in coloured pencil on art board. Each piece shows the biopod in a different mode of behavior. Interestingly, the artwork refers to the biopods as 'Gamepods' - likely an early working name for the creatures.

Each piece is labeled with the date, film title, and is signed by the artist. The pieces shows some signs of wear along the edges but remains in overall good condition.

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