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All Items Monuments Men, The (2014) Garfield's (John Goodman) Cane

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Garfield's (John Goodman) Cane



Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Celebrity: John Goodman

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World War II was about a battle of ideals which is really a clashing of cultures. A major building block to any culture are the crafts and arts that make them unique. Hitler's plans for domination were beyond dismantling peoples and countries, but erasing the very history of the progressing free world by attacking art. The Monuments Men documents the overlooked yet important mission of a few brave soldiers who fought to preserve art that has only continued to influence life and culture as we know it today. This carved wood, brown cane was used by John Goodman as Walter Garfield in this film.
COA: ScreenBid (Sony and Columbia Pictures ) .

Added: 05-13-2017 - Viewed: 168 times.

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