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All Items Push (2009) Decoy Experimental Drug Syringe

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Decoy Experimental Drug Syringe



Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Community Rating: Item Rating: 4 votes, 3.00 average.


This syringe was the focus of the movie Push. An experimental drug developed by the shady organization 'Division' which either kills the patient or amplifies their psychic powers. During the film various organizations try to get their hands on the stolen syringe including the 'Pop Family' - in order to trick them into finding the wrong syringe and returning it to their bosses, our heroes have a 'Shifter' disguise another object as a decoy version of the syringe in a case. This shifted version can be seen at many key points throughout the film and although some of the liquid sealed inside has evaporated, it is still in perfect condition.

Added: 12-01-2011 - Viewed: 1859 times.

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