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All Items My Name Is Earl (TV) (2005) Darnell's Photo Frame

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Darnell's Photo Frame



Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Screenmatched: Yes
One of a Kind: Yes
Celebrity: Danny Glover

Community Rating: Item Rating: 3 votes, 4.00 average.


Earl Hickey (Jason Lee) was the kind of guy who did bad things and had a bad life. After he'd won $100,000 on a scratch card, he got hit by a car while jumping for Joy (Jaime Pressly) and lost it too. His hospital TV told him about karma, this gave Earl an epiphany that turned his life and luck around. He decided to list all the bad things that he'd done in his life and one-by-one he'd make up for it.

This is a prop photo frame of Darnell (Eddie Steeples) and his father (Danny Glover) used in the season four episode 19th - "My Name is Alias" (2009) when Darnell's dad turns up trying to recruit him for one last mission for the Agency.

The prop frame is made from two layers of soft yellow foam glued together with a picture of the pair when Crabman was only a kid, still with massive pointy hair even back then. Stuck to the front are several sparkly stickers of boats, planes and rockets and one that just says "DAD".

Screen matched.

Prop Store COA, frame by CLS.

Added: 04-17-2012 - Viewed: 3803 times.
Last updated: 06-17-2021

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