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All Items Secret of the Incas (1954) Costume Continuity Sheets

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Costume Continuity Sheets (set 1)



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Celebrity: Charlton Heston

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In this "Archeological" adventure, Harry Steele (Charlton Heston), an ex-patriot fortune hunter, poses as a tour guide in Peru while searching for lost Inca treasure. His hunt becomes a race when he learns that an archeologist (Robert Young) is now searching for it, as well as a crooked associate (Thomas Mitchell). To complicate things, Steele finds himself agreeing to help a beautiful fugitive (Nicole Maurey) evade her pursuers and escape to the United States in trade for her assistance. Together the two pull out all the stops to accomplish their goals.

Costume continuity sheets and photographs for Glenda Ferrell, who played Mrs. Winston. Includes the original black binder.

Included is a publicity still of Farrell talking to Charlton Heston (her back is to the camera).

Secret of the Incas staring Charlton Heston as an ex-patriot in South America searching for Inca treasure was one of two films the Indiana Jones character was based on.

LoA: Backlot Books, Hollywood, Ca.

This film is now in public domain.

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