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All Items Ghost Rider (2007) Contract of San Venganza

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Contract of San Venganza



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Category: Movie Prop
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This hero prop of the Contract of San Venganza was the focus of the movie Ghost Rider and features one thousand names written in blood. The contract appears in many key scenes in the film held by Sam Elliot, Nicolas Cage and Wes Bentley as Blackheart - from The Prop Store of London

The story is that stranger came around the village of San Venganza making promises, one deal at a time the people turned on one another until the village of San Venganza drowned in it's own blood, the souls of it's people trapped forever in that god forsaken place.
Many years ago a ghost rider was sent to the town of San Venganza to fetch a contract worth those thousand evil souls, but that contract was so powerful he knew he could never let the devil get his hands on it, so he did was no rider had done before. He out-ran the Devil himself.

Added: 11-26-2011 - Viewed: 5038 times.
Last updated: 12-08-2011

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