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Computer Keyboard



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Category: Movie Prop
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This compact computer keyboard was used as a static working prop and was manufactured by Datalux. Many of these keyboards were used in the show and some where used as static props while others were used to simulate keying in commands into futuristic computer systems. Though this keyboard is about 2/3 the size of a normal sized keyboard, it still contains a full set of working keyboard key's and has a pair of adjustment legs on the back of the keyboards base panel, which can raise the angle of the keyboard by 30 degrees if needed. The keyboards electrical connector and cord have been cut off at its base and 4 adhesive strips on the back of the keyboard indicate it was probably stuck down to something so it wouldn't move.

These keyboards were used in the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the show and can be seen throughout the Seaquest as well as some of the computer control stations for the futuristic undersea colonies the Seaquest visits. The most common place for these keyboard's though was the Seaquest's main bridge where several of them are located along the various computer stations for all of the Seaquest's computer systems. Unfortunately this keyboard didn't come with any label's or markings of any kind indicating where it was specifically located in the show. But small amounts of silver paint on the base panel on the keyboard indicates to me that this keyboard was probably located on one of the side computer stations on the main bridge.

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