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All Items Hunter Prey (2010) Complete Slyak Bounty Hunter costume

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Complete Slyak Bounty Hunter costume



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Category: Wardrobe
Screenmatched: Yes
One of a Kind: Yes
Community Rating: Item Rating: 2 votes, 4.50 average.


This is the original, and only, screen-worn costume of Slyak the bounty hunter from the 2009 sci-fi movie Hunter Prey. Slyak was played by Sandy Collora, who was also the movie's director. I purchased this costume directly from Sandy Collora.

The mask included is made of thick latex and is a replica of the make-up worn by Sandy in the film and even comes with the dentures used in the movie, inserted into the mask. The costume is highly detailed and weathered. This is by far one of the most detailed and awesome design and costume I have ever seen in person. Absolutely fantastic!

Added: 07-30-2012 - Viewed: 3659 times.
Last updated: 07-31-2012

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