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All Items Warriors, The (1979) Cochise (David Harris) Hero Warrior Vest

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Cochise (David Harris) Hero Warrior Vest



Item Details

Category: Wardrobe
One of a Kind: Yes
Celebrity: David Harris

Community Rating: Item Rating: 1 votes, 5.00 average.


David Harris signature hero vest worn as “Cochise” in The Warriors. Light brown synthetic leather vest with black trim in a geometric pattern, lined in polyester and handwritten in black ink near the maker’s label (East Gate), “Cochese”. Worn by Cochise, the soldier who dresses in Native American Indian accoutrements and who successfully makes it back to Coney Island with his Warrior brethren. The vest is the only one known to have survived the production with the original embroidered insignia patches intact on the back – the stylized Warriors logo and winged-skull symbol. The other vests from the production had their patches removed and were put back into general use for Paramount productions. Authentication paperwork traces the only known survivor vest directly back to the Paramount Wardrobe department where it was aquired by 'The Golden Closet'.

Some expected usage/wear due to age and filming, but otherwise in very good condition. Costume comes complete with full documentation.

THE WARRIORS (1979) Paramount Pictures. Directed by Walter Hill.

The movie follows a gang of nine guys from The Warriors gang of Coney Island as they head up to The Bronx for a big meeting. The meeting was called by Cyrus, who is the leader of the biggest gang in the city, as he wants to create a 60,000-strong gang which can overpower the police. Under a truce, nine members from each gang in the city attend the meeting where Cyrus begins his speech of unity.Just as he finishes detailing his plan he gets shot dead by Luther. In the panic that ensues, Luther frames The Warriors for shooting Cyrus. As the gangs flee back to their home turf, The Warriors soon realise that they need to fight their way back to Coney Island. To make matters worse, the truce has been called off, The Warriors have no weapons and every gang in the city is out looking for them. The movie follows their struggle back home through enemy turf, and shows their encounters with various gangs including the Orphans, Turnbull ACs, The Lizzies, Punks, The Rouges, Gramercy Riffs, Boppers, Boyle Avenue Runners, Electric Eliminators and the infamous Baseball Furies.

If you have any THE WARRIORS props for sale, please feel free to contact me as I am always interested in expanding, changing and trading my collection.

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