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Bespin Guard Blaster



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Category: Movie Prop
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Welcome to my prop collection.

If you have original props, wardrobe or production material from ALIEN, INDIANA JONES OR STAR WARS OT you might be interested in selling or even trade, feel free to drop me an email! showtrooperprops@gmail.com

Bespin security guard blaster used in the production of Irvin Kershner’s sci-fi sequel Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The Bespin guards are found on Cloud City, administered by Lando Calrissian. They are under the control of Lando’s cyborg aide Lobot and are a constant presence in the third act of the film.

This weapon is made of fibreglass and is metallic grey in colour, though it lacks the additional paint detailing seen on blasters in the film, suggesting it was a production backup.

Added: 12-24-2020 - Viewed: 535 times.
Last updated: 01-28-2021

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