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All Items Dark Knight Rises, The (2012) Batman Dark Knight Rises Gotham Road

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Batman Dark Knight Rises Gotham Road



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Batman - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

This is an awesome piece of batman history. A piece of the exploded road from Gotham City!

Choose your purchase from this selection of 4 pieces of road. Sale is for one piece of road only for $40 plus shipping.

It measures about 15 cm long and is made out of cork with painted top and bottom surfaces. The prop was used in scene 286 of 'Dark Knight Rises' a scene which involves Batman in the Batcopter and Selina Kyle on the Batpod firing missiles at the Bomb Truck Convoy. The convoy is composed of Bane's Bomb Truck and three Tumblers. The Tumbler directly behind the bomb truck is destroyed by Batman in this scene after driving into a hole in the road created by one of the fired missiles from the Batcopter. Following this event the other two Tumblers are also destroyed by the dynamic duo.

A hole was dug in Cherry Lane in Pittsburgh PA on the 17th of August, a pyrotechnic special effects rig was installed by the SFX crew designed to blow a hole in the fake road. The art department of 'Magnus Rex' (codename for Batman - The Dark Knight Rises) dressed the hole with 2 inch thick cork boards designed to simulate the road surface, the cork was then painted to blend in with Cherry Lane. The paint was textured with additional colors to make it blend in. An interesting note here is that the road was installed and painted on one side, it was then removed and installed again to paint the other side.

Here in this You Tube movie at 42 seconds you can see the set painter preparing the final touches the day before the camera rolled:
Batman - Dark Knight Rises 081711 Southside Bingham Street - YouTube

Here you can see the fake road exploding:
Pittsburgh Batman Dark Knight Tumbler drives into blown up hole in road - YouTube

Own a piece of movie history with this piece of road from downtown Gotham City. Much rarer than Batman snow!

I will also include a set of high resolution photos showing the hole being dug, the cork boards being installed and the art department preparing the road, along a MP4 video of the painting of the road and a scan of the call sheet for this day.

A different angle of the road exploding:

New Batman Movie "Dark Knight Rises" Explosion Cherry Way, PGH, PA 8-18-2011.mp4 - YouTube

Another angle of the road exploding from the roof:
8/18/11 Dark Knight Batman filming Cherry Way Tumbler Explosion #1 - YouTube

Here is the next shot in this sequence:
8/18/11 Dark Knight Batman filming Cherry Way Tumbler Explosion #2 - YouTube

From a different angle:

News story:
Large Hole Created In Pittsburgh Road For Batman Shoot - YouTube

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