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All Items Dinner For Schmucks (2010) Barry's Mousterpiece Pictures

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Barry's Mousterpiece Pictures


Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Celebrity: Steve Carell

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Tim Conrad (Paul Rudd) is a mid-level financial executive who acquires a negotiation over special novelty lamps with a wealthy Swiss businessman. Impressed by Tim's ingenuity, his boss invites him to a "dinner for winners" in which he must find and bring an eccentric person with a special talent and soon learns it is more of a "dinner for idiots" and the partygoers will be mocked mercilessly. The following day, Tim accidentally hits Barry Speck (Steve Carell) with his car when Barry tries to retrieve a dead mouse in the road. Witnessing Barry's bizarre behavior (he taxidermies mice and arranges them into elaborate dioramas), Tim realizes he is the perfect loser for the dinner.

From the 2010 comedy Dinner for Schmucks, these are Barry’s screen used Mousterpiece pictures seen during different times of the film. The first time is when Tim hits Barry with his car and Barry shows Tim the pictures he has taken proving his talent. The next time we see them while Barry is sleeping and Tim finds them laying around and realizes how special Barry truly is.

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