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Apple of Eden


Item Details

Category: Movie Prop
Not rated yet!


The first known human to possess the Apple of Eden was Muhammad XII of Granada, who was forced to hand it over to Grand Inquisitor and Templar Tomás de Torquemada in 1492 when the latter captured Muhammad's son, Prince Ahmed. The artifact did not stay in his possession for very long, however, as Assassins Aguilar de Nerha and Maria immediately launched an attack to take back the Apple. While Maria died in the ensuing battle, Aguilar was able to escape with the artifact and later gave it to Assassin ally Christopher Columbus, who took it with him as he set sail for the New World. The Apple would stay with Columbus until his death, at which point the Piece of Eden accompanied his remains back to the Seville Cathedral in Spain, where they were buried. In 2016, the Apple was recovered by the Templars after they used Callum Lynch to relive Aguilar's memories. However, when Alan Rikkin unveiled the artifact in front of the Council of Elders in London, he was assassinated by Callum, who took the Apple and made his escape along with fellow Assassin inmates Moussa and Lin. This is the metal hero version of the Apple of Eden seen in multiple scenes of the 2016 film based on the video game, Assassin’s Creed. The Apple of Eden that came into Aguilar de Nerha's possession in the film is a small, metallic sphere encased within a protective shell that resembles amber. Unlike other Apples of Eden, this outer shell is semi-transparent when exposed to sunlight. Even with the protective shell removed, the artifact is still operational, except that onlookers can still see the Apple opening when it activates.

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