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Latest News PROPbay goes HD + List of updates

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Default PROPbay goes HD + List of updates


It's been a while! Besides that, we haven't got anywhere but keeping updating this site with a few more features and preparing it for upcoming NEAT stuff you'll see in the next few days...

First of all: we've moved to a brand new dedicated server with TONS of RAM, CPU power and HD space, along with higher BANDWITH and updated software to latest versions.

Thanks to this, now PROPbay goes High Definition!

That's right! We've increased our image upload resolution to 1920 x 1080 max (width x height) and not only that but we now allow you to upload UP TO 9 IMAGES per item!

Should you find your life grail, just be sure to snap every angle of it and share it to the world here, at PROPbay!

Also from our Upload Manager, we also protected listings from getting NO IMAGE associated: you now won't be able to remove all the images in a listing unless you upload a second image first. This protects viewers from viewing an item without any picture associated.

Another important change has been implemented in the RATINGS SYSTEM: Now you can't rate "negatively" an Item. We feel ALL ITEMS deserve its corner in our hobby, from smallest background objects to big grail old Items. Hence instead of:

* Terrible
** Bad
*** Average
**** Good
***** Excellent

we now feature:

* Not Bad
** Nice
*** Very nice!
**** Awesome!

Ranking the items as you visit them help keeping our Top Items Ranking alive since it's updated in realtime!

PLUS all these bugfixes and updates:

- If item is edited Today/Yesterday, show it instead of date.
- Show Last Edited only if item was ever edited.
- Now Top Users Ranking won't show users with 0 items uploaded (bugfix).
- Now ratings given to items refresh in realtime without reloading the whole page.
- Now once you rate an item, drop down no longer appears again, showing what you voted.
- Solved bug with attaching images on quick mode.
- Solved bug on Top Items minibanner in header when displaying the '...'.
- Solved bug with cron so Top Users Ranking was not properly updated. Now it updates twice a day.
- Solved bug on Top Items so deleted Items are removed from minibanner as well.
- Cosmethic changes on Top Items Ranking list.
- Improved autocomplete engine.
- Improved image display scripts.
- Internal bugfixes and code optimization for new server's software.

Stay tunned for MORE features in the next following days!!

The PROPbay Team
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Send a message via Skype™ to SKIN JOB 66

The new rating system is * (for "Terrible", because I don't like to be forced to be politically correct).

: o

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