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Default Introducing... PROPbay's Top 100 Rankings!

We now feature two Top 100 Rankings at PROPbay!

PROPbay's Top 100 ITEMS Ranking

First you can see the Top 100 Items voted by the Community:

This is a Top 100 list of the best ranked Items voted by PROPbay visitors, sorted by oldest items first in case of draw. This list is updated in REALTIME and each Item in our database accepts votes from everyone visiting it, including yourself! You can only vote each item once though.

To do so, surf our database of Items, click the Item you want to rate and in the Item Details, open the popup menu to rank the particular Item based on your taste:

Click once on Vote Now and you're done!

PROPbay's Top 100 USERS Ranking

Second Ranking is even more interesting: it's a Top 100 PROPbay User Ranking based on a certain number of parameters and show a ranking based on User's collections uploaded to our database.

We won't disclose which parameters we monitor but if you surf the ranking list you may notice users with many Items and a low ranking vs certain users with few Items but higher rank.

We don't want to create any discrimination here, just have some fun and at the same time, reward those loyal users that decide to share their collections, spend time screenmatching them (hint! hint!) and creating nice, complete listings with us, while still being active within the site! So for example someone uploading just 100+ pages of a storyboard set may not rank better than someone uploading just 3 screen-matched items...

Again, we are not saying someone's collection in a low ranking is worst than top 1, ranking items by itself depends on too many factors (someone may be a die hard fan of Riddick but hate Rambo to death, hence their point of view on each other's collections may be completely different) including market values changing all the time, so we're not here to rank the collection by itself but the user implication with the site and its collection being uploaded.


December 2012 Update:

New User Score Bonus

We would aslo like to introduce you a new scoring system, more accurate, for our Top 100 Users ranking!

We're pretty excited at it, as it delivers an additional score bonus for key props and grail items. By default when you upload an Item to PROPbay, it goes as "regular" Item. However we soon found out certain collectors only upload very few Items, but Items that are actual Holy Grails within the hobby.

As a way to reward such items against users that own (besides grails) TONS of other items, we now introduce a score bonus on such items, we manually review and grant based on many factors (hero, stunt, rarity, match, ooak, key prop, etc.).

Plus, we have the option to add a small bonus to those items that have certain degree of importance in the movie or by rarity can be considered "special" among the rest, not necessarily being holy grails, but still worth visiting.

We expect huge changes on the top 100 users ranking in the next few hours, so don't panic. It's our own interpretation of the user collection within PROPbay and this should not demish other collectors to upload all their collections to PROPbay and try fighting for the first place!


In order to preserve ranking fairness and server integrity, this particular Ranking DOES NOT update in real-time but once/twice a day only.

You can now reach both rankings from the header of any page by clicking the image of each ranking title (and at the same time see the Top 5 performers on each category) or by the text links in the footer!

Hope you like them!

Now, can you make it to the Top 1??

Start uploading your Collection now and invite your friends to register and vote for your Items

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