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Default New Features: Buy Now banner, YouTube, Block Comments and Contest Winner

Dear users,

With much delay we're now happy to report the winner of our latest Contest and we just contacted Tim Lawes at Prop Store who authorized us to retrieve the winner from our winning list chances list...

And the winner is our user...

Congratulations! Please drop Tim an email to collect your prize:

Thank you all who participated in this Contest. We will soon announce a new Contest so please stay tunned and keep uploading your collections!

Now for the new features!

Buy Now Banner

Now all Items marked For Sale in our Marketplace feature a BUY NOW red banner on the upper right corner, so anyone visiting PROPbay can quickly see which of the Items the site is listing is available for sale.

Just click the BUY NOW banner and you'll be taken to the Marketplace listing so you can start dealing with the seller immediately!

YouTube Code

Now when you submit a new Item to PROPbay's database, you can include the YouTube video code of a video of your prop in action (lights, movement, etc), your wardrobe display, movie trailer, movie excerpt your Item is being used on, etc. so your listing is even more complete!

The field refers to the video code you find in a YouTube URL, in the format of where XXXXXXXX is the Code you must fill the field with.

Do remember it's an optional field and you can also EDIT your already uploaded Items to include this new information and make your listings more appealing for a Sale in our Marketplace, for example!

While surfing our database, just look for the icon besides the IMDB one, to the right of the Movie name field, and click on it to have it play the related video on your screen.

Quick Block Comments

When adding a new item to PROPbay's database you have the option to block the Item's Comments. Now we added a shortcut for you to both learn the status of your listings and quickly turn off further comments on a particular item.

Just click the icon at any moment (GREEN: Comments are welcome!) and then it will turn to (RED: Comments are blocked!), meaning no more comments will be posted unless you click the red icon and enable them again!

This way, you have TOTAL control over which Items can be commented or not, without blocking the whole user experience.

Additionally to these new features, we've applied a number of cosmethic changes to the way the Items are listed, hopefully making them more appealing and cool looking. More features coming soon!

Thanks for your repeated confidence!

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